Part of the reason for me to start blogging again was to try out a variety of hosts (as in: VPS providers) and share my experiences with them. The first month or so this blog was hosted on a VPS with GreenValueHost (GVH), a really cheap one I may add. After GVH had been bashed and ridiculed at, I thought: let’s try out these guys. The VPS cost only $8/year, so the risk was really limited.

Although the machine felt snappy at first, after a week or so I experienced the occasional lag (as in: really slow disk performance). IPv6 connectivity never worked properly, despite me sending in a ticket and providing plenty of information on what the actual problem was. I me experience, the support I received wasn’t the best. When you send the output of an MTR run with 250 cycles and over 90% of the packages gets dropped at the gateway, I think a provider should be able to figure out where the problem is. Then again, I was paying $8/year for this machine, so I didn’t expect any support as all. The fact that they did respond is good, though that didn’t solve my problem. But the thing that made me move elsewhere was the fact that when GVH’s site was under a DDoS attack, the staff simply went to bed and only came back to look at it the following morning. I don’t expect people to give my any support for a $8/year VPS, but I do expect a company’s “CEO” to at least care a bit.

So, after that month or so, I moved this site to my Xen-PV VPS in Pune, India. I got this machine from Prometeus [affiliate link] when I purchased a load of iwStack credits in December. The performance of the machine is just fine; in fact, it performs really, really great. It being in India does provide a challenge when working on the machine, though. It’s not really close to where I live, so working on the CLI has some minor lag. That’s not a real issue though, as I only need to SSH into the machine occasionally!

For now, India it is. It gives me some time to think about where to move my blog next! Any suggestions are welcome, of course!