This page lists a number of resources I usually refer to in any training I give about Scrum.

Scrum Master – A Manager

A great blog post by Gunther Verheyen explaining why and how the Scrum Master is a manager.

Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell

A great video by Henrik Kniberg that explains the role of the Product Owner in a great, interactive and concise way. A must-watch for anybody in a Scrum context, especially Product Owners.

5 Dysfunctions of a Team

Video of an excellent presentation by Patrick Lencioni of his book ‘The 5 Dysfunction of a Team’.

Daniel Pink – Drive

Great animated video of a short presentation by Daniel Pink about his book ‘Drive’.

David Marquet – Greatness

Great animated video about effective leadership.

Scrum Master checklist

Great list for Scrum Masters who need more detail on what to do on a day-to-day basis.


Great websites with ideas for Sprint Retrospectives.