So, Agile 2017 is over. It’s actually been over for a while now, but I decided to wait a bit before writing this final blog post about the conference in order to share more learnings.

Closing keynote

The closing keynote was another highlight. Though a large amount of people had already left, there were still plenty around to fill the (very large) room and listen to Denise Jacobs. Banish Your Inner Critic 2.0 was a very open, honest and insightful presentation about the journey Denise has made linked to that inner critic inside all of us.

During the keynote Denise challenged the audience to think about their inner critic and share this with those sitting at the same table. It turned out to be comforting to know that everybody has that inner critic and we all faced the same challenge, a challenge we will have to keep facing, but for which there are plenty of things to do to overcome it.

Conference highlights

The biggest highlights from the conference for me were, in no specific order:

  • The amount of people present that all wanted to achieve the same thing (a more agile, customer-focused organization) and were willing to share that with whomever they were talking to;
  • The vast amount of experience that was represented, both by speakers and conference visitors alike. If you’re in an Agile environment, this event is one to attend;
  • The variety of sessions was overwhelming, with 19 parallel tracks and all those topics to choose from the conference could have gone on for another week;
  • The openness of the people, with some willing to open up themselves beyond what would have been required in sessions, in order to let others learn from their experiences.


With the conference now over for about 10 days I’m still thinking about what an amazing time I had and how great it would be to go back there. Luckily, there’s videos of part of the conference available on the Agile 2017 web page (some content is only available to Agile Alliance members).

All in all, this has been the best conference I’ve been to so far and I hope to be part of Agile 2018 as well.